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CHRIS GUTTERIDGE - Chris has been with Angel Radio since 1999, and is Co-Manager and owner of Angel Radio's Isle of Wight service.

BEV WEBSTER - Bev has been with Angel Radio since 1999, and is Co-Manager of Angel Radio's Isle of Wight service. Chris and Bev spend most of their spare time, when they are not running Angel Radio, raising funds, attending meetings, and completing forms, all part of the day to day tasks which have to be done to keep Angel Radio on air. They presented evening shows on Mondays Wednedays and Fridays


RICHARD ANSCOMBE - Richard has been with Angel Radio since 1999, and spends much of his time researching the music played on Angel Radio. He is continually adding songs to the library, as well as presenting a morning request show 9 to 12 noon Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Richard is also one of the Angel Radio training team, which provides training modules for prospective team members.


IAN MITCHELL - Together with his extensive music collection, moved to the Isle Of Wight in October 2006, having been a regular visitor since 1968. He joined Angel Radio shortly thereafter and presents the Blues & Jazz Experience on Tuesday afternoons


CHRIS GUTTERIDGE     BEV WEBSTER   AVE BUSHELL          STEVE HULL                                                                                                             GEORGE AND JO HUDSON   STEVE KNAPP  IAN CAPON  DEREK STEPHENS


We must make mention of a few very special people who have made their mark on the history of Angel Radio


ERIC ROSE - Eric was one of the first Angel Radio listeners to join the presentation team. He was also a great source of financial support. Although Eric passed away several years ago his voice can still be heard on the airwaves by means of his recorded shows


KEN WILSON - Ken joined Angel Radio on its 2nd RSL broadcast in 1999. He played up his grumpy, chain-smoking persona on air, but behind the scenes he was a good laugh and very supportive. He loved his hawaiian records. Although Ken has now passed away his support lives on through his wife PAT WILSON who has made a valuable contribution to our recording facilities.


ANNE LUPTON / AINSWORTH - who was the embodiment of what Angel Radio is all about. A very sad loss